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5. Promotion & Relegation

One team (No. 8) to be relegated from Division 1.

One team (No. 1) to be promoted to Division 1.

One team (No. 5) to be relegated to Division 3.

One team (No. 1) to be promoted to Division 2.

6. Guest Player(s)

Any player who is living in Munster or Connaught may play in the MCU Leagues. This rule to be reviewed if Connaught start their own FIDE rated League.

Each team may play only one Guest Player per match. Guest players may not play on the top two boards of a team.

7. Team Selection

For the purposes of team selection, there is a 200 rating points tolerance, that is to say that a player may NOT play on a higher board than a team-mate if his September rating is more than 200 points below his team-mate's rating. Unrated players or players left out of the rating list in error may be given a provisional/estimated rating by the League Controller for the League use only.

8. Teams must be declared simultaneously in writing before the match by the team captains.

9. All players used by a team must be added to the team panel on the MCU Website no later than the day of the match.

10. If a player is not on the current ICU membership list the player must be added to the panel by supplying the players name and other required details. If the player is FIDE registered then the FIDE ID must be supplied. Any player added to a Division 1 team without a FIDE ID will be registered to FIDE with Ireland as their federation.

11. Any game by a player not on the team panel will be treated as a walkover.

12. Each team must supply 3 digital clocks (capable of using the Fisher Incremental System), sets and boards for each of their matches.

13. Rate of play of all games in Division 1 will be 90 mins per player for all moves plus 30 seconds increment per player from move 1. Rate of play for Division 2 will be 75 mins per player with a 15 second increment per move. There shall be a one hour break between rounds in both divisions.

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